Life in the heart of Italian food naturally spreads an inborn passion.

First of all, Emilia Romagna’s celebrated cuisine represents the same values of quality raw materials, craftsmanship and care of the details in which we recognize ourselves and on which we base our daily work. Not forgetting that it is a small step from the passion for good cuisine to the art of cooking.

We are used to crafting our dreams.

In this generous land there is another heart beating, a beat that is heard from far away. It is not only a passion, it is a fever that grows with people, frequently providing them with work and sometimes changing their life. Welcome to Motor Valley, land of top mechanical engineering where everybody shows great confidence with gears and steel since childhood. Where you breathe the legend of two and four wheeled Italian dreams. Where dreams are first designed and then crafted.

Values inherited from our homeland become style

These values become true in three families of products: PRO, inspired by professional cooking, NEXT, capturing our engineering spirit, and DECO, a contemporary interpretation of ‘900 Italian art. Three different styles, a consistent strong and elegant identity.

We evolved beauty
into strong design

This unique expertise in cooking and engineering is crowned by the extraordinary artistic heritage encased in the Gualtieri village. People here grow up surrounded by masterpiece of fine arts, and this sparks creativity in crafting a plateau of design products, together with another peculiarity of our appliances: their strength.