Elegant top performance suction system for the heart of your kitchen

Power  : Electricity
Power Usage : 190W
Dimension : 89.5cm
Suction Power    : 800 m cubic per hour     

Tecnogas ISOLA VETRO Chimney Island

Chimney Island : ISOLA VETRO
Type Electric powered
Power 1 x 190 Watt Motor
Width 89.5cm
Height 60-117cm (Adjustable by cutting)
Depth 60.5cm
Material Stainless steel with glass
Air Flow 3 Speed (420m, 560m, 800m cubic per hour)
Lighting Halogen 4 x 20 Watt
Filter 3 x Aluminium Filter
Filter Material Charcoal filter
Noise Below 60dB
Weight 20kg
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