Minimalist or strikingly bold design made functionally elegant to perfectly accessorize your kitchen

Power  : Gas
Dimension      : 60cm
Volume : 60L
Oven : Oven + FAN    
Safety : Yes 

Tecnogas FN2K66G3X Built in Oven

Built in Oven : FN2K66G3X
Type Gas oven + FAN
Power 60 Watt
Oven Volume 60 L
Dimension 60cm x 55cm x 59.5cm
Built In Dimension 56cm x 60cm x 57cm
Surface Material Stainless steel 304, Thickness: 0.7mm-0.8mm
Safety Safety valve
Weight 30.1kg
Additional features

Gas oven

Grill oven + fan

Thermostat up to 260 Celcius

Double glass crystal oven door

Oven and indicator lights

Patented inner door with easy removable glass