Energy efficient water heaters delivers the performance to heat your shower

Power  : Electricity
Power Usage : 200W
Dimension : 36.9 cm
Capacity : 15L

Azalea AMWH15W Water Heater

Water Heater : AMWH15W
Type Electric
Hob Dimension 36.9cm x 30cm x 36.9cm
Tank 15 Litre
Power 200 Watt
Thermostat Capillary thermostat
Temperature Range 30 – 75 Celsius
Humidity Protection Rating IPX4
Inner Tank Enamel, Thickness: 2mm, Coating thickness: 0.15-0.5mm
Insulation Thickness 20mm
Heating Element SUS316L Enamel
Power Cable 1.5m
Mounting Vertical mounting
Weight 11.9kg
Additional features

Heating indicator

Power indicator

Anti-overheat protection

Anti-overpressure protection

Anti-dry heating protection