Top loading, bottom loading or one with fridge each gives consistent performance of delivering hot and cold water

Power  : Electricity
Power Usage : 520W
Dimension : 34cm
Type : Bottom Loading
Hot/ Cold : Hot & Cold

Azalea ADM16WB Dispenser

Dispenser : ADM16WB
Type Bottom loading
Cooling Power 100 Watt
Heating Power 420 Watt
Dimension 31cm x 34cm x 104cm
Cold Tank Volume 3.6 Litre
Hot Tank Volume 1 Litre
Cold Output 2.5 Litre/ Hour
Hot Output 4 Litre/ Hour
Cold Water Temperature Lower than 10 Celcius
Hot Water Temperature Higher than 85 Celcius
Color White
Weight 18.3kg
Additional features

Child safety feature on hot water control

Double safety device for preventing overheat

High efficiency compressor cooling

High power stainless steel hot and cold tanks